Ifield Watermill is thought to be the only working watermill in W Sussex to be powered by its original water source - the Ifield Millpond.  It is situated in tranquil surroundings just off Hyde Drive in Crawley, West Sussex. Owned by Crawley Borough Council and leased to Crawley Museum Society, it has been restored by a dedicated team of volunteer workers over a period of 35 years from the ruin it was, to the first class building and local museum it now is.  A National Lottety grant was obtained to repair the waterwheel and launder in 2007

ifield Watermill

The wheel, which was rebuilt over thirty years ago, can just be seen in two of the pictures on the right. However, they do not show the state of the wooden felloes which had rotted over time and were in urgent need of repair or replacement. Application was made to the Heritage Lottery Fund for money to repair the wheel using steel felloes - with the approval of English Heritage. A grant was obtained and the cast iron and steel wheel is now in place together with a new steel launder.  The repaired mill was opened to the public in May on National Mills Day 2008.  The Mill can be opened at times other than those published  for Group Visits which can be arranged by ringing:-  




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01293   539088

       Crawley                     West Sussex


Water from the pond flows on to the

overshot wheel via the launder.

This is an independent Website for the Watermill set up in 2007 giving an outline of its history  - showing the beauty of the site and the detailed repair of the wheel which was carried out with the aid of funds from local industry, the National lottery and the skill and hardwork of volunteers.  Crawley MuseumSociety who run the mill  has its own website at    http://www.crawleymuseums.org

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